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Work Accident Attorney Lewisville, TXIn Texas, there are over 250,000 work related injuries every year. This figure is climbing each year and the odds that you will be involved in a work accident increase every day. What is even more disturbing is the escalating amount of fatal injuries that are work related. In many cases, the accidents causing these deaths and injuries could have been easily prevented. The two main culprits behind an accident at work are negligence and indifference. The employer, a co-worker, or manufacturer of defective equipment is usually at the root of the problem and that’s why you need a work accident attorney fighting for you.

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Work accident attorney Todd R. Durham focuses on work related injuries. Todd knows that if you or a loved one has a work place injury, you and your family deserve to be fully compensated for:

Todd carefully reviews each work injury case, assessing strengths and weaknesses before developing a strategy that will deliver the results you want and need.

Accident At Work Examples

The Durham Law Firm has helped workers who have suffered from many injuries. The following is a brief list:

Attorney Todd R. Durham is well versed in the complexities of work related injury cases. If you have a serious injury or lose a loved one in a work place fatality contact Todd R. Durham, the work accident attorney, today to discuss your legal options.

Workplace Injury Claim

Employers in every single state are required, by law, to provide their workers with a safe and healthy work environment. Inevitably, some businesses fail in this duty. Unsafe work environments often lead to injuries. If you were injured in a workplace accident, you have rights. You can file an injury claim to receive compensation for your injuries, loss of work, and mental anguish. The specific damages you receive will depend on the severity of your wounds.

After an injury, your first step should be to seek medical attention; your second should be to make a phone call to Todd Durham Law Firm. We’ll examine your case and determine the best course of action. You might find it overwhelming to deal with an employer who does not want to take responsibility. We’ll fight on your behalf, and ensure that you receive the damages you deserve.

Work Accident Compensation

Most businesses are required to carry some form of workers’ compensation insurance. This ensures that anyone injured on the job can recover lost wages and other damages. However, different insurance plans cover different types of injuries. For instance, in a place of business that allows smoking, you could receive compensation for lung cancer due to second-hand smoke. A workplace that requires its employees to spend many hours typing should have insurance that covers carpal tunnel syndrome. Obtain all pertinent information about your workplace’s compensation insurance before any accident occurs.

After a work accident, call an experienced attorney as soon as possible. It can be tricky to determine whether workers’ compensation covers your injury. These insurance policies can bog you down with legalese. At Todd Durham Law Firm, we’ll help you decipher the plan. Whatever the coverage, Todd Durham Law Firm will fight on your behalf.

What are the time limits for work accident claims?

To receive benefits from workers’ compensation, you must file a claim within a specified period of time. However, many insurance policies do not make this time limit clear. Each state has specific compensation laws, which differ from one another significantly. In Texas, for example, you must file for workers’ compensation within one year of the date that you experienced an injury or learned about an occupational illness.

No matter what the specifics of your state’s laws, you should notify your employer of your claim as early as possible. Do not just state that you were hurt and need time off. Instead, inform the business that you were injured on the job and would like to file for workers’ compensation. If you have trouble filing, speak with one of Todd Durham Law Firm’s trained attorneys, who can handle the situation with more finesse.

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