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Winter Weather Car Accident Claims Dallas TxWhen winter hits, the roads can be a dangerous place. If you were involved in a winter car accident and have sustained a personal injury, you need legal representation immediately. You will have medical bills, lost wages, and continuing pain that need to be compensated for. Todd R. Durham understands he cannot take away the pain, but he can help you get what you are owed from the party responsible for your car accident claim. For an attorney you can count on, call today.

Current Car Accident Issues We Handle

When you call the offer of Todd R. Durham, you can schedule an appointment for your free consultation right away. Todd will listen to the facts of your case, and work with you to create a custom legal strategy to ensure you will be compensated for your damages.  Cases are taken on a contingency basis so you do not pay a dime for your car accident claim until Todd wins your settlement. Todd will keep you informed on your case progress and answer all your questions or concerns. For the highest monetary settlement, trust the office of Todd R. Durham.

Don’t Trust The Insurance Company

It is important that you do not sign anything until you have spoken with an experienced attorney. Adjusters will do everything in their power to not pay you what you are owed.  They are out to save the company money, not to help you in your time of need. Let Todd R. Durham deal with your winter car accident claim.

If your winter car accident occurred in the Lewisville or Fort Worth areas, call us at the Todd R. Durham Law Firm to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. Contact us Or Dial (214) 222-4000.