What Questions Should I Ask a Personal Injury Attorney?

What Questions Should Ask Personal Injury AttorneyYour good manners may make you hesitate to ask questions that seem rude. The questions to ask a personal injury attorney involve personal and private matters, but you must address them. In your first consultation, you have to ask about qualifications and money at the outset of your meeting. It is important to show respect for a person who has studied and practiced law for years, so remember to ask for information in a courteous and businesslike manner. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm is an authority on car accident defense services with a record of success in cases like yours.

When you decide that the attorney’s qualifications are good and the fees are fair, you need to request an evaluation of your case. Ask your attorney to explain any potential problems with your case and what options you have in dealing with them.

Some snags may develop in your case if you did not seek medical treatment immediately after your injury or if you did not follow your doctor’s advice. If you gave a written statement to anyone, you need to ask your attorney about the potential problems it poses. Absolute honesty is essential. Surprises are rarely enjoyed by anyone, and they can catch your attorney off guard if you hold back important information. It is fair to ask about the approach that your attorney plans to take in representing your case.

Todd Durham is a personal injury attorney in Lewisville who explains every aspect of a case to each client. You probably want to know how long it may take for you to get your settlement. You may also have concerns about having to pay out-of-pocket expenses for expert witnesses who testify for you if your case goes to court. Remember to ask your auto accident lawyer about anything that is on your mind. You deserve to get some relief from the stress that you are experiencing now.

The Todd R. Durham Law Firm offers you free legal services unless you receive a settlement. Make a list of your questions and call the office at 214-222-4000.