What to Immediately Do After a Dallas Swimming Pool Accident

An unprotected pool poses a significant risk, especially for young children. Every summer, we hear horror stories of children drowning. However, even near-drowning experiences can bring terror and confusion. Families can be devastated by injuries alone. After a swimming pool accident in Dallas, consider taking a few proactive steps.

Seek Medical Help

As we mentioned, swimming pool injuries are all too common. Children are at risk for:

  • >        Muscle and joint sprains
  •         Slip and falls
  •         Skin or lung irritation

While most people consider drowning to be the number one concern for pool accidents, slip and fall accidents are just as common, if not more so, than drowning. The exterior of the pool, which is typically stone or cement, becomes slippery as everyone splashes about. These puddles accumulate and cause hazards along walkways. A single slip is enough to sprain and ankle or break an elbow.

Immediately following an accident, seek medical attention. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may wish to make a trip to the emergency room. After a near-drowning experience, please do not hesitate to visit the local hospital. Water damage to the lungs can cause serious harm and is not to be taken lightly.

Seek an Attorney

An injury or near-drowning due to a pool accident is something no one wants to experience. It happens, though. Sometimes, the situation is unavoidable. Parents and victims do have legal rights, of course.

An experienced attorney can help your family work through the ordeal. The right lawyer will take injuries personally and handle every aspect of the case to ensure you receive the compensation you so rightly deserve.

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