What Employers Are Responsible For if an Employee Is Injured On the Job

If you have ever sustained an injury while on the job, your employer may be responsible for helping you acquire lost wages and more. Many employers are required by law to carry workers compensation insurance, which pays you a portion of your regular wages while you’re recovering from an injury. However, some workers, including contractors, are not covered by such laws. It is rare, but employees may sue their employer for injuries due to violations of safety regulations, too. Examples include negligence.

Employer Responsibilities

An employer is responsible for avoiding workplace injuries by ensuring a safe working environment. Should an employee be injured on the job, however, they are wholly responsible for ensuring a First Report of Injury (or a similar report) is completed. This report is then submitted to the workers’ compensation provider.

Furthermore, employers must ensure that no laws or rights of the injured employee are violated in the process. If the injured employee requires immediate medical attention, they must be allowed to leave to seek prompt medical care.

Insurance Carriers

Next, the employer must cooperate with the workers’ compensation carrier, their attorneys, and the injured employee. These parties will all require documentation of payroll history and the injury report. They may often request a copy of the personnel file, too.

It is best that these documents are provided in a timely manner.

Return to Work

When it’s time for the injured employee to return to work, the employer is responsible for welcoming them back. The employee may not be penalized or terminated because they filed a workers’ compensation claim. If that is the case, serious civil or criminal charges may be filed.

The employer should thoroughly understand and follow these laws and regulations.

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