What Compensation Can a Car Accident Attorney Help Me Receive?

What Compensation Can a Car Accident Attorney Help Me Receive?When you are injured in a car accident, you may have sustained extensive damages of many types. Aside from the pain from physical injuries, you may also have financial, emotional, and property damages. The negligent party who caused your car accident should be liable for all the extra costs and suffering you have experienced. An experienced car accident attorney like Todd Durham can help you get the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Here are a few types of compensation many clients receive after a car accident.

Payment of Medical Bills

Medical care does not come cheap, especially if you have extensive emergency care, ongoing therapy, or a chronic condition that requires monitoring. A skilled car accident attorney should be able to obtain compensation for all your medical costs and continuing medical care in the future.

Lost Wages

When you are injured, you may not be able to return to your job right away, especially if your work requires physical activity. The financial hit that families feel from one personĀ being unable to work is devastating. This is magnified when the one in question was the breadwinner in the household. An attorney can assist you with calculating your past and future lost wages, and then get proper compensation for your loss.

Pain and Suffering

Another type of compensation an attorney can help you receiveĀ is pain and suffering. This kind of compensation is for the pain you may experience right after the accident and beyond. Depending on how severe your injuries are, this can be a significant amount of your settlement or judgment. Every case is different, and it is important that you talk to your attorney regarding the details of your case to get an idea of how much compensation you can expect.

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