What Are The Different Types of Damages?

What Are The Different Types of Damages?When you are injured in a personal injury case, you may rack up medical bills, you may be unable to return to work, and continue to be in pain. These are all damages that have arisen from the accident. You didn’t ask for these financial burdens, and therefore, you should be compensated for the physical, emotional, and financial damage the accident has caused. Here are the most common damages you may receive in a personal injury accident.

General Damages

General damages are a type of damage that you can’t place a monetary value on. This includes pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress. When you are involved in an accident, you may have a lot of fear and anxiety about being in that particular situation again. When an accident happens in a car or at your workplace, it can be distressing but mandatory that you return to performing that activity just to function in your daily life. You should be compensated to help ease the stress of dealing with that challenge.

Special Damages

Special damages are those that can easily be calculated. These are things like medical bills, lost wages, or property damage that have hard numbers. These damages are out-of-pocket expenses that you have suffered due to the other party’s negligence. It is important that when you get any bill associated with an accident or injury that you save it and provide a copy to your attorney.

Exemplary Damages

These are extra damages that may be awarded if it is shown that the other party was intentionally malicious or exceptionally neglectful, and that is what caused your injuries. These damages are punitive and aim to punish the negligent party for their actions rather than making you, the plaintiff, whole again. Exemplary damages are not commonly awarded, and it is highly dependent on the facts in your case if it makes sense to plead for them.

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