Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal InjuryThere are many types of personal injury cases. Each one comes with its challenges and hurdles. It is important if you are filing a suit for personal injury that you speak with a competent, trustworthy attorney.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common personal injury cases. Often an accident is caused by someone’s negligence or misconduct and they should be held financially responsible for damages.

Slip and Fall

Property owners have a certain duty to those that they invite onto the property. If they neglect to clean a slip hazard on their premises, then they are responsible for the injuries that result.

Dog Bites

Dog bites are a very common reason for a personal injury case. Whether the owner of the dog is liable depends on the specific state laws. Some states enact what is called “strict liability” where the owner is liable even if the dog never showed past aggression. Other states have a “one bite law” where a dog is essentially given a “free pass” where the owner is only responsible if the dog has shown that he would bite in the past.

Work Injury

Sometimes injuries occur during the course of your job. Often, the company responsible does everything in it’s power to not pay adequate compensation. It is important that you immediately speak to an attorney who focuses on work injuries so you can recover your damages.

Assault, Battery & Other Criminal Injury

These are distinguishable from other personal injury cases, in that there is intent to harm the person rather than harm that results from negligence. Often there is a criminal case pending against the person who caused the injury. Filing a civil suit an injured party can demand compensation for the injuries caused by the crime.

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