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Trip And Fall Attorney Lewisville, TXA trip and fall can be incredibly painful. Unfortunately, trip and falls are extremely common. Over 8 million emergency room visits are from some sort of trip or slip and fall. Property owners should be held accountable for keeping their premises a safe place for people to walk. Todd R. Durham is a trip and fall attorney with extensive experience in trip and fall personal injury cases. What sets him apart from other trip and fall lawyers, is that he truly cares about his clients and will fight tooth and nail to getting his clients maximum compensation for their injuries.

Damages From Trip and Fall Cases

There can be large damages associated with trip and falls. If the victim was of a vulnerable population such as a child or the elderly, a fall can be a very serious injury. A trip and fall can result in broken bones, skull fractures, brain damage, can even result in death. If you have suffered a trip and fall, you may have extensive medical bills, lots wages, and pain and suffering. Make sure to speak to your attorney and save all paperwork detailing your expenses. This will be important for your case.

Schedule a Consultation

After you have received medical attention, make sure to call a trip and fall attorney in your area to schedule a free consultation. The attorney will listen to all the facts about your case and assist you in creating a custom legal strategy. A good attorney will explain the process from start to end and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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