Three Things You Might Be Entitled to After a Car Accident

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Besides being an incredibly scary, traumatic experience, a car accident can leave you with more than just the physical ramifications of the event. After an accident, you are left with growing medical bills, car repair payments, and stress about when you can return to work. You may need physical therapy, your insurance company may not be cooperating, plus, you may be facing other unexpected realities. But what’s the hardest thing to come to terms with? It’s that this entire ordeal was not your fault, but the fault of another negligent driver. In this situation, have you ever considered that you need not be in this fight alone? With a trustworthy, experienced car accident attorney, you will find a true ally – one that can determine whether you are owed compensation for the event, to provide some relief for you and your family. Here are three things you may be entitled to after an accident.

More Vehicle Insurance Coverage Than You Initially Received

When you’re in an accident and you file a claim with your insurance agency, an adjuster is the person who assesses the damage to your vehicle. We would like to believe that the adjusters always feel for the victim and alleviate as much of the financial burden as possible, but more often than not, it’s just not the case. This is an important thing to remember: Your insurance agent that you work with (and maybe even personally know and like) is not the one doing the adjusting! An adjuster is someone that determines how much the insurance company will pay in your damages, and naturally, they want to save the agency as much money as possible. Unfortunately, this can result in low compensation from your insurance company – but with the right car accident attorney on your side, this is something that can potentially be rectified.

Medical Bill Coverage

Car accidents, depending on their severity, can leave you with life-changing injuries. With life-changing injuries comes extended treatments that go far beyond a post-accident hospital visit. For example, if you have sustained a head or back injury, it is likely that extensive physical therapy will be needed to get you back on your feet. Once again, in terms of funds for your medical treatments, your insurance agency could be holding out on you. In that case, you may require a legal advocate to help you get your bills paid. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the accident was not your fault, this can only strengthen your case for due compensation. Make sure to gather as many details about your incident as you can.

Wage Compensation

Again, depending on the nature and severity of your sustained injuries, you may be able to be compensated for your unavoidable need to miss work. Your long-term health and recovery is your priority, and it should be. But your work is important too, and having to miss it is not only frustrating, but causes more concern for your financial stability. Should you choose to try to regain your lost wages with a legal advocate, you will need to go over every detail of your case with them to see if it would be possible. If it is, your lawyer can go to bat for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

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