The Value of a Free Consultation on Your Case

Free consultationWhen you are ready to file your case, you will want to meet first with an experienced attorney. Choosing the right attorney can be difficult. You want someone who is not only experienced and knowledgeable, but also who is personable and you can trust. It can be next to impossible to determine if an attorney is a good fit unless you sit face to face with them. The majority of attorneys will provide you with a consultation free of charge. A small minority of them will charge their hourly rate for their time. Before making your appointment, call and ask about whether you will be billed for the consultation.

How to Get the Most out of Your Consultation

To get the most of out of your intiial consultation, you need to come to the meeting prepared. Write down a few questions beforehand so you can remind yourself to get answers during your meeting. Bring with you any important paperwork or legal documents that you have been served with. A good attorney should sit and listen intently to your case and then offer advice on how to move forward.

Remember: It Is an Introduction

It is important to remember that the attorney may not have all the answers upfront. Some cases are complex and may have ambiances that need to be researched. If the attorney doesn’t have every answer you are seeking, don’t count them out. They may jsut want to be thorough in their answer. It is not uncommon for attorneys to say, “That is a great legal question, I am happy to do some research for you on that topic.” and then provide you with an answer at a later time.

You Can Take Time to Decide

After your consultaiton, you don’t have to hire them on the spot. If you need time to think about your decision, say so. If you feel confidence that the attorney is a great fit for your case, you can sign a client agreement that day.

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