Texting While Driving Leads to Car Accidents and Personal Injury

Texting While DrivingAlmost everyone knows how to drive a car, and you may have learned how when you were just a teenager. It is so commonplace that some people may not think about how dangerous it is. If you have had an accident with an irresponsible driver, you need a car accident attorney in Lewisville to help you recover your losses. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm is an authority on car accident defense services.

Driving at a speed of 60 mph is acceptable in most places, and it does not sound like it is very fast. In fact, it is the same as traveling 88 feet in just one second. Most people’s houses are not 88 feet wide, but someone who is texting while driving covers that distance and much more without looking at the road. Safe driving requires fulltime attention, and you expect other drivers to take as much care in driving a car as you do. Todd R. Durham has a reputation for getting justice and results for injured drivers who were not at fault in an auto accident.

Your auto accident injury can change the way you live your life. When you have done nothing wrong and you suffer injuries anyway, you need to have a successful and experienced attorney represent you. The attorneys at the Todd R. Durham Law Firm can help you resolve the issues that you are dealing with now. You do not have to pay anything for the best professional legal services available unless you collect.

The future welfare of your family and your ability to work and enjoy life depend on the decisions you make now. As soon as you get the attorneys at the Todd R. Durham Law Firm working on your case, you have every assurance that they are putting the full force of their skill and experience on the line for you. Call 214-222-4000 to get the peace of mind you deserve.