Teen Loses Control of Car and Kills Driver

Are Dallas Drivers Safe?At approximately 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 16th, a 17-year-old driver lost control of his car and killed an oncoming driver. The accident happened around the 1500 block of Buckner Boulevard. Officers say the teen was traveling at a high level of speed.

The driver that the teen hit was driving a Lincoln Navigator. The driver diedon the way to the hospital, succumbing to multiple injuries. A Ford Freestar van was also involved in the incident. The driver of the Freestar also went to the hospital with unknown injuries.

Speeding Accidents

It’s difficult to try and avoid speeding drivers, especially at night. The only way to avoid accidents is to be a defensive driver. In fact, there are a few  common ways to avoid accidents:

  • Pull into traffic slowly – The slower you pull out into traffic, the easier it is for you to access the driving conditions of the road.
  • Watch for children – Whether it’s in the parking lot, crosswalks, or even sidewalks, children can run out into oncoming traffic quickly.
  • Perform engine maintenance regularly – Cars are highly technical machinery. In order for them to perform their best, they need regular preventative maintenance done.
  • Do not tailgate – This is one of the simplest, yet underused ways to avoid accidents. It’s easy to want to tailgate when you’re in a hurry or late to an event, but you’ll be even later to your event if you end up rear-ending another car.

Get Help

No matter how cautious you try to be, car accidents can happen at any moment. When you need someone on your side who you can trust, call our office at (214) 222-4000 or contact us online for help.

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