Tasers Banned in Police Departments Due to Wrongful Death

Tasers Banned Police Departments Due to Wrongful DeathAlthough law enforcement officers are given the ability to use tasers to subdue people who may be getting out of hand, many law enforcement agencies have chosen to ban the use of tasers altogether. Five police departments in North Texas, including Richland Hills, Murphy, Crowley, Mansfield, and Burleson, no longer list Taser guns as equipment used by officers. While no charges or lawsuits have been brought to any of these cities, it is thought that the ban will prevent any lawsuits from occurring in the future. Todd Durham Law Firm will help those that have lawsuits due to wrongful death.

Tasers and Wrongful Death

From 2001 to 2012, it was reported by Amnesty International that more than 500 U.S. citizens passed away after being subdued by a taser while in jail or during an arrest process. With so many lawsuits filed, police departments have urged officers to only use tasers in the case of a severe emergency.

State Specific

Amnesty International classifies California as being the highest when it comes to taser-induced deaths at 92. Florida was next on the chart with 65 deaths, and Texas came in third with 37 deaths.

Safety Information

Officers have been trained to never aim for an individual’s chest; however, many of the deceased victims of taser guns were shocked in inappropriate places. They were also unarmed and shocked multiple times.

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