Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

Summer Motorcycle Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle is liberating. With the temperature at its highest point of the year, now is the time to bust out the bike and enjoy some time in the sun. Of course, you’re sharing the road with other motorists. These other motorists, despite their best intentions, often don’t watch for motorcycle riders. It’s best to use caution and drive safely, no matter where you are.


Many motorcycle training courses teach its students S.I.P.D.E. This acronym stands for Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute.

  • Scan – Be aware of your surroundings always, because roads may change and accidents could occur.
  • Identify – If you notice any unsafe conditions, identify them accurately. Be aware of pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, reckless drivers, and more.
  • Predict – You cannot read someone’s mind, but you can predict their next move by paying attention. For example, if you’re making a turn, slow down and assess the traffic in the immediate area.
  • Decide – Should an accident be possible, choose how to avoid such a collision. Minimize injury to yourself and others by acting promptly.
  • Execute – The action phase. After deciding a proper course of action, do not hesitate to follow through. Accidents occur in mere seconds when you hesitate.

Summer Riding Tips

Remaining safe this summer should be your top priority. When riding a motorcycle, remain alert at all times. Furthermore:

  • Invest in Summer Gear – Your summer riding apparel will vary significantly from winter gear. While protective gear is essential, consider wearing summer shoes and light layers underneath.
  • Check the Weather – Before riding, always check the weather forecast. While summer is typically warm and filled with sunshine, rainstorms can occur. It’s best not to ride in a storm.
  • Remain Visible – While on the road, remember that your bike is smaller than a car. Some vehicles won’t spot you quick enough. Always stay visible, do not swerve between cars.

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