Should You Take a Settlement?


Should I take the settlement?When you are pursuing litigation due to an injury, you may be offered a settlement. One of the biggest questions we get at the Todd Durham Law Firm is, “Should I accept the party’s settlement or go to trial?” The answer is quite complicated. Here is a fundamental explanation of when you should take a settlement. However, it is important to note that each case is unique. What may apply in one instance may not be applicable in another. If you have any specific questions about the circumstances in your case, it is always best to consult with your attorney.

When Do Settlement Offers Occur?

A settlement offer may be made at any time through litigation. Most often, it is made within the first few stages of litigation. Sometimes offers and settlement agreements are created within meditation sessions, or offered outside of any formal or informal setting. Generally, settlement offers are made after each side has a decent idea about the evidence in the case in order to assess their chances of a judgment.

Do I Take the Settlement Offer?

The answer to this question is entirely contingent on how strong your case is, whether you want to go through a trial, and the assessment of how much your case is worth. Your attorney will look through the facts of your case, the evidence you have gathered, and how the other side is addressing the claim. If everything is in line with the settlement offer, it may be worth it to take it. After all, a trial is very time intensive, expensive, and stressful. If the other party is willing to be reasonable and work with you, it can be well worth your while to accept the settlement offer.

If you have been injured and the other side is offering a settlement, don’t sign anything till you talk to an experienced personal injury attorney. Call the Todd Durham Law Firm at (214) 222-4000 today!

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