Shocking Motorcycle Accident Statistics

motorcycle accidentDriving a motorcycle can be a thrill, and bike owners are usually passionate about not only their vehicles but advocating for safety. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle comes with inherent risk of accidents. Most accidents involving a car and a motorcycle are caused by the car driver not seeing the bike, but many are still caused by negligence, equipment failure, weather and more.

No matter what causes a motorcycle accident, the injuries are often more severe for drivers and passengers than those involved in a car wreck. Beyond the risk of fatality, victims often suffer serious head, neck and spine injuries, internal damage and bone fractures. Recent statistics show a critical need for focus on motorcycle safety and awareness.

Overall Statistics

Here are the key recent statistics compiled for motorcycle accidents:

  • Approximately 8.4 million motorcycles were registered in 2014
  • Motorcyclists in 2014 were 27 times more likely to die in an accident and five times more likely to be injured compared to passenger car occupants
  • 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes in 2015, and 88,000 were injured.

Along with the significantly higher risk of injury and death, the numbers for 2015 represented an 8.3 percent increase in accident fatalities, even though injuries declined 4.3 percent.

Other Factors

Motorcyclists over the age of 40 account for the majority of all fatalities, and that number has risen significantly over the past ten years. The sharpest rise in number of injuries sustained has been in people over the age of 60.

Numbers based on driver behavior also show cause for concern. The percent of fatalities caused by an intoxicated driver increased from 2014 to 2015, and a third of all deaths involved speeding. Helmet usage dropped nationwide from 64 to 61 percent.

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