Car Accident Attorney in Irving, TX

Car Accident Attorney Irving, TX

Reliable Legal Help For Your Injury

car accident attorney irving txWhen you have been injured, many people may come out of the woodwork to try and take advantage of your situation. The other side will try and minimize liability while attempting to limit the amount they provide to you. You need an advocate on your side that will fight for maximum compensation. You need an attorney like Todd R. Durham. He has helped countless clients get the help they deserve. He is the car accident attorney Irving counts on.

Car Accidents & Injury in Irving, TX

Someone driving negligently causes the majority of car accidents. You should not have to go deep into debt due to medical bills and lost wages, all because of someone else’s negligence. You deserve to be fully compensated for your damages. You need an attorney who understands personal injury claims. Todd R. Durham knows car accident personal injury like the back of his hand. Contact his office today for help.

Work Injuries in Irving, TX

When you are on the job, you are not immune from injury. It is important that you follow correct protocol after a work place injury so that you can be adequately compensated for your damages. Don’t sign anything that your work gives you regarding your accident until you speak to an attorney. Trust the car accident attorney Irving counts on, Todd R. Durham.

Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Irving, TX

A drunk driving accident deserves an experienced lawyer who cares. We’ll fight your case to the very end to see justice served.

Personal Injury Attorney in Irving, TX

Your personal injury may be because of a slip and fall or faulty product. Whatever the case, you may be owed compensation for injuries or property damage.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney in Irving, TX

A spinal cord injury can leave you crippled and out of work. The immense pain and suffering cannot be relieved with money, but it can help your family continue pushing on.

Medical Bills Attorney in Irving, TX

After an injury, you’ll notice your medical bills rapidly rising. Give us a call, as our attorneys will help you find compensation for your injuries that you’re rightfully owed.

Swimming Pool Accident Attorney in Irving, TX

Swimming is a wonderful pastime, especially here in Texas, but it can lead to a serious injury. In the event of such an injury, call our attorney in Irving, TX, to handle your case.

Premise Liability Claims in Irving, TX

When you go to a place of business, you assume that they will keep their property in a manner that is safe for people who visit. However, not all property owners are diligent in keeping their property maintained. If you have been injured due to a property owner’s negligence, you need to consult with an attorney. They can help get you monetary compensation for your slip, trip, or fall.


Types of Accident Cases We Handle for People of Irving

Todd R. Durham works on the side of the people of Irving. Our legal team handles Irving citizens’ accident claims, and works to get them the compensation they deserve for their injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident, hurt on the job, or had a slip or fall injury on someone else’s property, you need an advocate. Your attorney can take the legal burden off of your shoulders, handle the legwork for your claim, and protect your rights. Contact our attorneys if you need help with your car accident, personal or work injury, or premise liability claim.

Irving, TX

Irving is a diverse city located in Lewisville County, TX. Irving includes the massive Las Colinas community that houses several Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon-Mobile. With a great mix of work and play, it is a wonderful place to raise a family. Todd R. Durham is proud to represent Irving residents in personal injury claims.

What do I do if the other driver’s insurance company contacts me?

If the other driver’s insurance company contacts you, they usually want to keep your compensation as low as possible. They may try to reach you before you have the chance to contact an attorney. If they contact you shortly after an accident, you may not even know the true extent of your injuries. For these reasons, you should never give a statement to a representative from the other driver’s insurance company without first discussing your case with your attorney. This is a vital step to preserving your rights. Contact the Todd R. Durham team as soon as possible in order to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

If you have been injured in Irving, call Todd R. Durham. Dial (214) 222-4000 or fill out an online form to schedule your free consultation. He is the best car accident attorney Irving has to offer.

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