CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY DUNCANVILLE, TXYou shouldn’t have to worry about your attorney taking advantage of you in Duncanville. Attorney Todd R. Durham is experienced on injury claims and wrongful deaths in North Texas. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm can help you seek the justice and compensation you deserve. Call the car accident attorney Duncanville counts on, Todd R. Durham.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is getting ever more dangerous to drive on U.S. roadways, with new distractions to drivers becoming commonplace every day. The odds of you being the victim of a truck accident increase every year. It is vital you have an experience car accident attorney in your corner. Attorney Todd R. Durham will help you deal with the injury and property claims you’ll face.

Personal and Workplace Injury Claims

Have you suffered a personal injury or work accident? Don’t sign away your right to fair claims to some insurance company. Consult with a seasoned car accident attorney Duncanville trusts like Todd R. Durham first. He will seek appropriate compensation for you and your family.

Premise Liability Lawsuits

Did you know a property owner has the responsibility to maintain a safe environment for you? If you’ve fallen, slipped, been bitten by a pet, or suffered an accident in some other way you may seek justice through a premise liability lawsuit. Experienced premise liability attorney Todd R. Durham will deliver the expertise you need to stake your claim.

Duncanville, TX

The city of Duncanville lies in southern Lewisville County. Its population is just under 40,000 people. Duncanville previously hosted a U.S. Air Force airfield and an anti-aircraft nuclear missile battery. A push to preserve this history of Duncanville is underway. Todd R. Durham respects the history and people of Duncanville by provided premiere legal services.

The Todd R. Durham Law Firm can be Contact online or via telephone at 214-222-4000 to schedule a free consultation. Todd is the car accident attorney Duncanville deserves.