Safety Tips for Driving in a Rainstorm

Driving in rainDriving in rain presents the same kinds of challenges to motorists as does driving at night. You cannot see as far or as well as you can in the daylight or when your windshield is clear. Most drivers take care to compensate for difficult challenges to driving skill, but some are careless. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm, an Irving accident attorney, can help you get compensation when you are injured in a car accident.

Driving Safety Tips

Some tread designs are more effective than others in disbursing rain that accumulates on pavement, but they involve making an investment in tires that use the latest technology. However, drivers who use caution when driving in rain can enjoy some of the increase in safety that special tires provide. These recommended practices cost nothing to implement:

  • Slow down. Drivers who tailgate have to slam on their brakes to make an emergency stop, but skidding usually results when the pavement is wet.
  • Stay in the tracks of the car in front of you. Tires have better traction if they have direct contact with the pavement.
  • Keep a distance behind large trucks. The spray that comes off their tires is often more than your wipers can handle. If you decide to pass, do it quickly and get back in line to avoid having a head-on collision.
  • Stay in the middle lane. Water tends to pool in the outer lanes and can make your car swerve out of control.
  • Avoid entering standing water. You may find a deep pothole that your local road department neglected to repair.
  • Dry your brake pads. When you drive through heavy rain or a puddle, your pads lose effectiveness. Step lightly on and off your brake pedal to dry the pads.

When you take care to drive carefully, you help to make the streets safe for everyone. Careless drivers who have no concern for the welfare of others can cause a car accident that involves more than just them. Contact the Todd R. Durham Law Firm at 214-222-4000 for a free consultation for your personal injury needs.