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roll over accident attorney lewisville, txDo you have an SUV, or do you know someone that does? Did you know that more than half of all single vehicle accident deaths are the result of a rollover accident involving an SUV? Next to head-on collision fatalities, rollover accident fatalities are the most deadly type of accident that drivers and passengers face. If you’re lucky enough to have survived a rollover accident, it’s almost certain you will have severe injuries that may last a lifetime. The Todd R. Durham Law Firm knows the battle you will face with both the insurance company and the auto manufacturer and that’s why you need a rollover accident attorney.

Rollover Statistics

It’s a common assumption that driving an SUV is safer if you’re in an accident compared to a sedan or sports car. The latest rollover statistics studies indicate that over 60 percent of fatalities in rollover accidents happened to drivers and passengers of SUVs, it’s evident that SUVs can be very dangerous to drive. Rollover statistics like this should show most drivers the reality that there is an increased chance of sustaining more serious injuries, or death, when driving an SUV.

SUV Rollover Accidents

As the SUV has evolved, it has been the crossover between the gas guzzling truck and the minivan. People actually tell me they feel safer by being above traffic, feeling it offers a better vantage point for them to see traffic around them. This false sense of security comes at a high price. Most sport utility vehicles provide a higher vantage point than cars, but this also means there is a higher center of gravity, which equates to less stability, and a narrower wheelbase. The combination of these factors can lead to an increased chance of having an SUV rollover accident.

Design Flaws Lead to Injuries

While the SUV is a great choice for an off-road family vehicle, there are some major design flaws. SUVs have weak roof supports and roof pillars, which have been shown to break from the enormous weight of the vehicle crushing down on passengers once it’s upside down. They also have faulty locking mechanisms on the doors that have caused drivers or passengers to be ejected from the SUV. Seatbelts or not, if the interior shell collapses on you, or you are thrown from the SUV, you are going to suffer serious injuries that can range from broken bones, brain injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, and even wrongful death.

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