Proving Fault In Slip and Fall Cases

Proving Fault Slip and Fall CasesWhen you slip and fall, you have to prove that there is some sort of liability or fault in order to recover damages. Your lawyer has to prove that the defendant’s actions or inactions were negligent, and that the defendant’s negligence was the cause of your fall.

 Explain How You Fell

When meeting with your attorney it is important that you describe how and when you fell. Did you fall down the stairs? Did you slip on a slick floor? What are the circumstances surrounding your fall? Your attorney and the insurance company will want to know all these details about your case.

Write Down All Details

As soon as you are able, write down the details of your fall in a very factual way. List the facts on where you were, the weather, what you were doing at the time, and who you were with. If there was someone with you, ask them to write down their account of what happened too.

Proving Damages

When you fall you have to prove that you sustained damages. Whether it was medical bills or lost wages, you have to prove to the other side the concise amount. Save any medical bills, tax forms, past paychecks, attendance records, or other important documents that pertain to your fall. Your attorney may suggest other documents that would be necessary to proving your case.

Pain and Suffering

After you have all your medical bills and lost wages added up, you may also sue for pain and suffering that has resulted from your fall. Your attorney would be able to give you a good idea in your individual case how this would apply.

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