Pregnant Woman, Adult & Two Kids Killed in Fiery Crash

Monday morning, a pregnant woman, two kids, and another adult were killed in a crash that involved an 18-wheeler and another vehicle. The car crash happened at about 6:35 a.m. along the westbound lanes of Interstate 20. Two vehicles struck each other and then became entangled, witnesses say. The gas tank on one or both of the vehicles erupted, leading to both vehicles to become ignited. Everyone in the smaller vehicle was killed. The driver of the 18-wheeler, Ricky McGinnis, walked away unharmed.

If that wasn’t tragic enough, the lumbar aboard the semi-truck became unsecured and large sections of flaming timber dropped more than 70 feet over the ramp onto the I-35E below. After the two fires were put out, city engineers were called out to ensure the ramp was safe and not damaged from the fire. During this time, both stretches of highway were closed to the public. The entire accident is still under investigation, but it seems like the semi-truck may have had a mechanical failure.

Truck Accident? Call an Attorney

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Photo Source: WFAA 

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