One Dead, Three Injured in Highway Wreck

Deadly Car Accident
wreck – insurance concept.

Not long ago, a serious collision on the southbound U.S. Highway 75 near the FM 455 Exit left one dead and two critically injured. The two injured individuals were rushed to the hospital after a chain-reaction wreck took place on the highway. One was pronounced dead at the scene, unfortunately. Two surviving victims were taken to Medical Center of McKinney shortly after. Why did this occur? According to police reports, a UPS truck collided with four other vehicles. The driver of the delivery truck was sent to the hospital for testing, though appeared unharmed due to the crash.

The Accident

The accident itself occurred late last month in Anna, TX. The hospital in McKinney was close enough to transport the injured parties to and provides efficient healthcare services. McKinney is known for its community-focus and healthcare. It’s no surprise the crash victims were brought here.

While driving on the highway, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid an immediate stop. We’re all traveling at the speed limit, which is typically around 70 miles-per-hour. When the vehicles ahead of us suddenly stop, slamming the breaks sometimes isn’t enough.

Accident Victims

Almost every accident is traumatic for those who experience it. Few of us know how to handle such a situation. When emotions begin to run wild, it’s easy to lose our composure and lash out. However, it’s crucial to remain calm, seek medical attention, and then speak with an experienced attorney. Chances are, if you’re not the cause of the accident, the insurance companies – yours and the other party’s – will cover all damages and accumulated medical bills.

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