Negligent Security: The Basics

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Negligent security cases are troublesome, especially to business owners. For instance, if two customers fight in the bathroom of your shop, one may choose to sue the company itself. That means you. When a property owner is accused of negligent security, the allegation is that they failed to enough provide safety measures to protect visitors and customers.

Typically, negligent security cases involve hotels, restaurants, parking garages, and apartment complexes. Commercial property owners generally are not required to guarantee the safety of those who enter the property. However, they have an obligation to respond appropriately to any foreseeable risks. Prevention is the key here.

The Basics

Negligent security falls under premises liability law. As mentioned previously, property owners must respond to foreseeable risks. Whether a risk is deemed predictable depends on where you’re located, how attractive the location is to criminal elements, and whether there is a history of crime. For example, a business located in a high-crime area must take proper precautions to prevent injury to customers. Security measures, such as window bars and properly locking doors are crucial.

Proving Negligent Security

Typically, for a victim of negligent security to win any damages, a court must deem the property owner guilty of failure to provide adequate security measures. Determining fault is difficult, though. There is no clear-cut line to determine when security measures are needed or not. A security expert may need to be brought in for an evaluation.

An experienced attorney may use crime statistics and expert testimonies to provide negligent security. Once the fault is determined, a victim may receive damages for personal injuries or losses suffered due to crime at the location.

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