Multiple Car Accidents Across Carrollton

accidents across carrolltonThe Lewisville Morning News reported on Thursday that multiple vehicles were involved in an accident in which a 123-foot beam came off a semi-truck and left devastation in its wake. On the Bush Turnpike at 6 AM, just as rush hour traffic was starting, a truck lost a boat that it was towing. Shortly after, multiple car accidents occurred on I-35 E. If that wasn’t bad enough, in the evening, a semi-trailer truck that was hauling a large concrete beam used for construction lost its load when attempting to exit the freeway. The mess on I-35 E and Sam Rayburn Tollway caused multiple backups throughout the day. Lifting the several ton concrete beam took 15 hours and caused significant delays in the area.

Why Accidents Happen

Car accidents happen, but rarely on accident. There is usually some degree of negligence involved. Cars don’t randomly lose control without either manufacturer defect or driver error. Someone is at fault when these things happen. That is why we have the legal principal of negligence. If you have been involved in a car accident, you need to discuss with an experienced attorney so you can file your case right away.

Who Is Negligent?

Determining negligence is one of the most complicated areas of personal injury law. There are very specific circumstances that determine the percentage of negligence each party holds. When you speak to your attorney about your case, you will be able to talk about who and why people are negligent in your case.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident in Carrollton, call the attorney you can trust. Call Todd R. Durham today at (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation.

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