Man Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident on I-35

Hit-and-Run AccidentA 20-year-old Denton man died in a hit-and-run accident after being struck on Interstate 35. Authorities believe the accident occurred on April 22 near the Oak Street exit, even though the man’s body was not discovered until the next morning. No arrest had been made, but authorities stated that the suspect’s vehicle was possibly a Mazda that had the rearview mirror missing on the driver’s side.

Dealing With Hit-and-Run Accident Cases

A skilled lawyer can help if you or someone close to you has been hurt or killed due to a hit-and-run accident. In far too many instances, drivers either panic or choose not to fulfill their responsibility to stop and render aid when this type of accident occurs. At The Durham Firm, we have worked with many people who have not only gone through physical pain after being hit by a vehicle, but the emotional pain of being left on the side of the road. We will work to make sure those responsible for your suffering are forced to pay dearly.

Even though there is never an excuse for hitting someone with a vehicle and then fleeing, there are many reasons this happens. The driver may have been intoxicated or driving with a suspended license, and afraid of the punishment he or she would face. But what they fail to realize is that when they are caught, the penalties will be even worse. They could be charged with a felony and have to serve even more jail time than they would have if they had simply stopped and called for help.

Get in touch with us if you or someone you love has been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. We will work to help you obtain compensation for medical bills, lost wages and much more. Call (214) 222-4000 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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