Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents

Liability Drunk Driving AccidentsWhile the idea that alcohol and vehicles do not mix has been demonstrated countless times, driving under the influence continues to be a problem throughout society. While any auto accident will have a dramatic and often tragic effect on those involved, accidents involving drunk driving are often the target of more disappointment and disapproval throughout communities because of the fact that they seem more avoidable. However, all accidents are complicated matters, and when it comes to fairly determining the liability of the drunk driver as well as the other drivers in the accident, the experience of a skilled law firm is needed. If you need a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in Carrollton, the Todd R. Durham law firm can help.

Todd R. Durham is a trusted name in Carrollton, as the firm has successfully navigated the complicated legal territory of motor vehicle accidents and drink driving liability for years. With the resources, experience and knowledge to zealously advocate for every client, the Todd R. Durham law firm has established itself as the standard-bearer in Carrollton. When it comes to drunk driving and driving under the influence cases, there is a complex web of laws to navigate. In addition to the intoxicated driver being liable, there may be liability of the drinking establishment for serving a patron who was intoxicated. Every case will turn on its individual facts, so it is impossible for any firm to provide an answer that fits all scenarios. This is why it is especially crucial to have an experienced firm — experience provides insight into how the local court system approaches different circumstances, and this will help your attorney craft a better argument for you.

There is no substitute for experience when handling complex cases such as drunk driving claims. Thus, a firm such as Todd R. Durham, which has more than a decade of experience in Carrollton, is ideal. The firm doesn’t collect unless you do, so there is no risk – call us at the  214-222-4000 for more information today.