Lewisville TX Work Injury Attorney Offers Free Case Review

Work related injury is commonly minor but severe trauma, long-term disability or wrongful death does occur. Contacting qualified work accident attorney, Todd Durham, is important so you receive the best representation and the best workers compensation.

Always report an injury to your employer. Time in workers compensation claims is important. Make sure you have reported your injury, obtained a claim form and submitted your claim with your employer. Retain all documentation including but not limited to notes regarding the injury, medical records, photos, medical bills and other evidence of the accident and injury.

Workers compensation is a no-fault system in which negligence of party, employee or employer, is not an issue. Third-party claims against an employer or manufacturer for faulty products are handled outside of workers compensation laws. Work injuries covered in compensation laws are diseases contracted due to prolonged exposure to toxins at work, mental or physical strain due to stress, preexisting conditions made worse by on-the-job duties, repetitive stress injuries and “off the clock” injuries on a company’s campus.

Todd Durham, the Lewisville TX work injury attorney, offers a free consultation and will come to you if your injuries prevent you from coming to the office. The complex system of laws, guidelines, and procedures related to an injury sustained at work should not be navigated alone. The Lewisville work injury lawyer, Todd Durham, is the reliable choice for aggressive, honest, and trustworthy representation in the Lewisville and Lewisville Fort Worth area. Visit the Todd R. Durham Law Firm website or call 214-222-4000 for work injury legal representation today.