Let the Todd R. Durham Law Firm Fight for You

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you need the Todd R. Durham Law Firm, a Plano TX motor vehicle accident lawyer with years of experience and a track record of many winning court verdicts.

Anyone injured in an automobile accident in Plano, TX needs a car accident attorney who is familiar with the local judges, defense attorneys and insurance companies. Todd Durham will aggressively fight for you to receive specialized medical care, physical therapy, time off from work to heal, and for any other needs that you have relating to your automobile accident.

Todd Durham is a well-known legal specialist in the area of side impact car collision. Specific injuries occur when you are broadsided, and specialized medical care is necessary. It is difficult enough to live through the accident and your injuries. The last thing that you want to do is battle with the insurance companies over who was at fault and who is going to pay your medical expenses. Todd Durham will fight these battles for you.

No matter what type of accident you have been involved in, Todd Durham will utilize all of his expertise to prove your case before a judge or jury. He will also fight hard to push your case towards settlement so that you won’t have court fees deducted from your monetary judgment amount.

An auto accident injury may leave you with a certain level of permanent disability. Todd Durham will pursue a settlement or court award in an amount that will adequately compensate you for the types of limitations that your permanent disability brings. The fact that you may not be able to walk or do your job anymore must be factored into the end monetary amount that you receive.

Todd Durham offers you a free consultation to determine the specifics in your potential case and clarify what you are entitled to by law. Historically, insurance companies are not forthright in their view of what an injured person is entitled to, and you need a car accident attorney in Plano TX who will play hard ball with the insurance companies and get you what you deserve.

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