Know Your Terms: “Venue”

Car Accident VenueWhen you are involved in a personal injury or car accident case, you may hear many confusing or complex terms. One of these terms is venue. While the answer is very simple, how it can apply and change your case is very fact dependent. If you have questions about venue and how it applies to your specific case, contact Todd R. Durham’s office to speak to a licensed attorney.

What Is Venue?

Venue is the proper or most convenient location for a trial of a case. Generally, the venue is where the accident occurred. However, the parties may agree to a different venue due to convenience. For example, if the accident took place in Austin, but both parties and witnesses live in Houston, it may be more convenient to have the trial there.

Complexities of Venue

While it seems simple that venue should normally be where the accident took place or where the parties want it to be. However there are circumstances where venue gets very complicated. For instance, if there is a lot of prejudice in one county, the court may opt for the trial to be held in a different county so a fair trial can be had. Or if parties don’t agree on where venue should be, things can get complicated.

Call an Attorney

If you need to file your personal injury or accident claim, but aren’t sure where to go, you need to talk to an experienced attorney. Todd R. Durham has the knowledge and experience to help you in filing your personal injury case in the right court. Failing to file your case in the right place can have serious consequences. Don’t take the risk! Call today.

For more information about venue, contact the Law Offices of Todd R. Durham. Call (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation.

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