Know The Facts About Roll Over Accidents

rollover accident statistics

A vehicle rollover is among the worst incidents that may happen to you on the road. Typically, rollovers occur every 3 percent in all serious accidents, but they account for 30 percent of fatalities while riding in a passenger vehicle. They need not be so deadly, though. Innovative technologies, enhanced vehicle design, and increased safety systems all help avoid rollover accidents. You, too, can help prevent rollover accidents on the road. You must simply understand the incident further and take precautions.

How Rollovers Occur

In the right circumstances, any accident could lead to a rollover. However, taller and more narrow vehicles are typically at higher risk for a rollover – trucks, and vans. A single-vehicle rollover is generally caused by “tripping” over something, such as a curb or pothole. It’s unlikely that a steering issue will create a rollover. Should a vehicle lean just right, the tire’s sidewall will deform, and the rim strikes pavement, provoking a tip.

For a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, manufacturers equip tires with less grip to prevent rollovers. These tires can help prevent some since tire traction helps keep you on the road.

Preventing and Surviving Rollovers

Common sense and routine maintenance help prevent rollover accidents more than any other feat. People are choosing vehicles with better quality safety systems, and it’s working. However, buckling up remains crucial. Your chances of surviving a rollover accident drastically increase when your safety belt is clicked.

Preventing a rollover, on the other hand, is more common sense than anything else. For example, try to avoid overloading a vehicle, especially a pickup or SUV. Next, watch your speed. Most rollover accidents occur because the vehicle was driving at excessive speeds.

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