Irving Car Accident Kills Driver & Causes Injury

Irving Car Accident Kills Driver & Causes InjuryCBS DFW reported on Friday that a pickup truck crashed, killing the driver and injuring the passenger. In the westbound lanes of the LBJ Freeway near MacArthur Boulevard, the driver swerved off the highway and collided with a concrete pillar. According to the authorities, the driver died at the scene, but the passenger only suffered minor injuries. There is still no word about the cause of the accident or why the driver crashed into the pillar. The highway was closed off for hours as police conducted an investigation of the accident. We send our condolences to the family and friends of the driver.

What to Do If You Are in a Car Accident

Being involved in a car crash is incredibly scary. It is important that when you crash you take the steps necessary to prevent further injury. Do the following:

  • If you are hurt, seek medical attention right away
  • Remain calm, cool, and collected
  • Gather contact information for everyone involved
  • If you can, take cellphone pictures of the scene of the accident
  • Write down everything you can remember about the accident
  • Consult with an experienced attorney

If you need assistance after you have been involved in a car crash, contact Todd Durham. He can assist you in getting the help that you need to move on.

How to Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney

Choosing the right car accident attorney can be hard. Ask your family and friends if they have any referrals for a reputable attorney. You can also use online resources such as Avvo and Yelp to look at reviews and choose an attorney that you feel will handle your case competently. Call a few attorneys and schedule a consultation. You can then determine which attorney is right for your case.

For more information about a car accident attorney, call Todd R. Durham today. Call (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation.

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