How Personal Injury Lawyers Present Damages in Catastrophic Injury Cases


Presenting EvidenceWhen you are looking for personal injury lawyers to represent you in your case for catastrophic injury, you will want to know how they will present your damages. An experienced attorney should be a perfect mix of compassionate yet assertive. You don’t want someone who will fold under pressure, but instead, you need someone to fight on your behalf. Todd Durham has decades of experience in getting maximum compensation for injured clients.

Presenting Evidence

Personal injury lawyers will collect and present proof of your catastrophic injury. They will use medical records, witness statements, and your own testimony to create a picture of what happened. You may hire expert witnesses to talk about certain aspects of the accident, or what type of problems you can expect in the future. Finding facts of the case that paint an overall picture is what is key to building a successful personal injury case.

In Mediation

Not all personal injury cases end up in a trial. In fact, alternative dispute resolution like mediation or arbitration is a popular way to get the compensation you need without the need for a costly trial. Your attorney will do their best to present your evidence within mediation and negotiate the best deal possible for you.

In Trial

If your case ends up in a trial, you will have a formal presentation of the evidence in your case. Some evidence may be exempt from coming in, other evidence will be presented to the court. You may have a jury trial, but it is more common to have a bench trial. This means, all the evidence is presented to the judge who will make a final decision in your case.

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