How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident on New Year’s Eve

Avoid Drunk Driving AccidentNo doubt you’ve heard the phrase “amateur night” when it comes to New Year’s Eve. People who usually don’t drink decide to “cut loose” a little bit without really knowing what kind of effect alcohol will have on their ability to function. Still others decide to get the party started quite a bit earlier than normal and are completely inebriated by the time the clock hits midnight. Either way, there are a lot more people who drive while intoxicated than just about any other night of the year. At the Durham Law Firm, our Lewisville attorneys would like to give you some tips regarding how to steer clear of the possibility of a drunk driving accident as you ring out the old year and ring in the new one.

If You’re Planning to Drink…

  • Before you start to imbibe with your friends, choose a designated driver and make sure that person doesn’t partake.
  • Call a cab if no one in your group is sober enough to drive safely. It will probably be expensive – especially on New Year’s Eve – but the added cost is worth it when you consider the alternatives, which are either possibly being seriously hurt or killed, or being arrested for drunk driving.
  • If you notice someone getting very inebriated, hide his or her car keys.

If You’re Throwing a Party…

  • Provide non-alcoholic alternatives such as juice, sodas, water, etc. Don’t ever pressure anyone into consuming alcohol.
  • Make sure there is plenty of food, which can help slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed. If you’re drinking, eat often throughout the night.
  • Arrange alternate means of transportation for your partygoers. Be prepared to call a cab or set up rides with partygoers who are sober.

While You’re on the Road

Be even more vigilant than normal if you have to be on the road, either before midnight or a few hours afterward. Look for the following signs of drunk driving in those around you:

  • A car making a wide turn
  • Straddling the center line, weaving, drifting or swerving
  • Cars on the wrong side of the road
  • Erratic braking
  • Illegal or abrupt turns
  • Slow response to traffic signals

If you believe you’re sharing the road with an intoxicated driver, keep your distance and call 9-1-1. Drunk driving can be avoided with the proper planning and a good dose of common sense. However, if you or someone close to you is ever harmed by a drunk driver, call the Durham Law Firm at (214) 222-4000 or contact us online. If you have any other tips on how to prevent these kinds of accidents, share them with us by clicking one of the social media icons on this page.