How Is a Motorcycle Accident Case Different than a Car Accident Case?

How Is a Motorcycle Accident Case Different Than a Car Accident Case?When you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be looking for a personal injury attorney and notice somewhat of a trend. Many attorneys list being experienced in the area of car accidents, but not motorcycle accident cases. Is a motorcycle case all that different from a car accident personal injury case? Can any personal injury attorney take on your accident claim? These are important questions that the Todd Durham Law Firm is prepared to answer.

Differences Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Accidents

Both motorcycle accidents and car accident claims rely on a claim of negligence to prevail. Negligence is a complex area of law that is very fact dependent. In order to win a case of negligence, you must prove that the person was acting unreasonable and their action or inaction caused your damages. There are many complexities in a negligence case that could turn a case one way or another. Motorcycle accidents differ from car accidents in the way accidents typically happen. Depending on the state law, contributory negligence of the motorcyclist can come into play.

Who Should You Hire for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

When you are looking for an experienced attorney, you may start to wonder if a typical personal injury attorney can handle your case. The Todd Durham Law Firm always urges clients to talk to an attorney with knowledge and experience in motorcycle accidents specifically. They will have much more of an ability to navigate the potential trouble spots than a typical personal injury attorney. During your consultation, inquire about their experience in motorcycle accident injury cases.

If you would like to speak to a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney, contact Todd Durham today. Call (214) 222-4000 to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your case.

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