Should I Hire an Attorney After a Hit and Run in North Texas?

You should hire a car accident attorney after a hit and run incident in Lewisville. Call Todd Durham Law Firm for legal aid.
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After a hit and run, you’re likely in shock. What just happened? Who is at fault? In Texas, leaving the scene of a car accident without rendering aid or providing information is a serious crime. In some cases, it’s even considered a felony that can lead to incarceration.

If you’ve been the victim of a hit and run, don’t roll over and accept what’s happened. It’s up to you to fight for fair compensation, especially if you were injured or if you missed work. Here are the three steps you should take in the wake of the accident.

Assemble Evidence of What Happened

Although this can be difficult in an incident in which the driver fled, you need to obtain as much evidence of the accident as possible. Document everything from the injuries you sustained to the damage on your vehicle. These facts will be a key part of obtaining justice and revealing just how detrimental the accident was to your well-being.

Report the Accident to Your Insurance Company

You’ll likely need coverage for the work you’ll miss due to health problems and repair requirements caused by the accident. Make sure to report the incident to your insurance company properly. Once you seek compensation for the hit and run, you’ll need to have these documents on hand.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Whether you want to settle the claim outside of court or take the case to trial, you’ll want a personal injury/car accident attorney on your side. They’ll help keep track of deadlines and documents while striving to reach fair compensation on your behalf.

At the Todd Durham Law Firm, we provide excellent legal representation for uninsured motorist accidents and hit and run incidents. To learn more, call 214-222-4000 today.

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