Head-On Collision Kills McKinney Resident

Head-On Collision Kills McKinney ResidentMonday night a fatal accident claimed the life of a McKinney resident. According to the McKinney Courier-Gazette, the car crash occurred just before midnight on the 4300 block of North McDonald Street near Farm to Market 543. The head on collision involved two vehicles, one driver passed at the scene, and the other was transported to a local hospital, their condition is unknown. Witnesses state that one driver was running from the authorities, but there has been no official cause of the accident. Rumors have spread on social media indicating that phone use and alcohol use may have played a role in causing the accident, but police have not released any additional information. The investigation is still ongoing. Our thoughts are with the families of the two individuals involved.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on car accidents can cause severe and devastating injuries that may lead to long-term disability. Many of these accidents are the result of negligence due to drinking or being distracted while driving. Texting while driving is a common cause of cars drifting into the opposite lane. When a person has suffered extensive injury due to a head-on collision, you deserve compensation. Medical bills, lost wages, and on-going therapy costs can cause significant financial stress for any family. Here is what you can do when you have been injured in a head-on collision:

  • Seek medical assistance
  • Collect all medical bills and information having to do with your accident
  • Do not talk to the insurance company or sign anything without an attorney
  • Contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible

Why Do I Need an Attorney

A car crash attorney can act as an intermediate between you and the other party, the insurance company, and anyone else involved. You can focus on healing, recovering, and leave the legal and procedural paperwork to someone else. You are much more likely to get a better deal when you consult with an attorney as well.

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