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Head Injury Attorney Lewisville, TXHave you or a family member sustained a traumatic head injury-brain injury as a result of being the victim of an accident or someone’s negligence? It’s imperative that you hire a qualified brain injury attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies. You are entitled to proper compensation for your injuries. It can be hard to get an adequate settlement, especially if the prognosis is long term.

The Todd R. Durham Law Firm has years of experience in dealing with head and brain trauma cases. In preparing your case, all current medical bills and damages must be calculated, along with future disability expenditures, which must be addressed properly to ensure the final settlement will be sufficient to meet all of your needs.

Know Your Legal Rights

Anyone experiencing a traumatic brain injury resulting from an accident or negligence will almost assuredly face a life of difficulty and complications that may never be resolved. Injuries to the head or brain can affect your daily life, your ability to reason, and turn simple tasks into frustrating obstacles. The Lewisville, TX law office of Todd R. Durham has successfully handled many head injury cases involving brain trauma and can help you or your loved one get the results you deserve.

Head Injury Settlements

In a head injury settlement, it’s possible to receive damages quickly. A head injury is a serious matter, with some suffering permanent brain damage in an accident. If someone is responsible, you deserve compensation. We’ll fight on your behalf for such damages.

Traumatic Brain Injury

In a traumatic brain injury case, there are two primary types of damages we can help you fight for: special damages and general damages. These damages will cover lost wages, medical expenses, loss of reputation, emotional distress, and others. You deserve this and more.

Steps After A Head Injury

Following a head injury, no matter how serious, it’s best to seek medical attention before anything else. If the individual is unconscious, keep them still and call an ambulance. If possible, try to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound. Afterward, call The Durham Firm for legal representation.

Brain Injury Power of Attorney

A power attorney following a brain injury will authorize one individual or agent to manage personal and financial affairs for the time being. If you’re injured, we’ll help you write up a power of attorney and ensure it is followed to the letter.

Brain Injury Concussion Attorney

Not all brain injuries are permanent. Some lead to a concussion, which can still be serious, but is a more treatable injury. Either way, you deserve compensation for your accident – from a car accident to a workplace injury. Our attorneys will fight for your rights.

Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury affects motor functions, thought, memory, speech, behavior and creative thinking. There are many ways for this type of injury to occur:

Regardless of whether it’s a company or individual that’s negligent or at fault, you are entitled to seek the maximum settlement necessary to resolve your medical issues, lost wages, and damages. If you’ve experienced symptoms of anxiety, lack of desire, mood swings, problems with stress, depression, frustration, aggression and irritability, then you need to get a competent and aggressive personal injury attorney. Todd R. Durham will help you hold those responsible parties accountable.