How To Handle An Uninsured Motorist

Vehicle collisionsHow To Handle An Uninsured Motorist happen; even if you are the safest driver in the state, sometimes getting in one is completely unavoidable. However, if the other motorist is uninsured, that small fender bender can turn into a large financial fiasco. In Texas alone, 15% of all licensed drivers are uninsured.

Below are five smart steps to guide you through any auto collision you may be involved in. These steps should be applied to all auto-collisions, as you are not going to know if the other driver has insurance or not.

Is Everyone OK?

First and foremost, check yourself and your passengers for any injuries. Your health and the health of others is the number one priority which leads to step 2 – calling 911.

Call the Police

 Having an accident report will help you down the road with expense coverage  and the claims process. If possible, have a passenger call 911 to report the accident while you proceed to step 3.

Collecting Information

The sooner you can safely get out to gather information, the better. Remember to check the condition of the other driver to make sure that they are ok. The first bit of info you’ll want to grab is the other vehicle’s license plate; you never know if they may decide to “leave early.” Luckily with the availability of smart phones, many people have cameras on them wherever they are and can quickly take important pictures. Also, taking pictures of the damage from different angles and pictures of both vehicles will be a huge help in the claims process. Time now to exchange information with the other driver – make sure you get their contact information and insurance information. This is where you may learn that the other driver is uninsured and all the information collected will help with the claims process later on. Lastly, remember to gather contact information from any witnesses in the area.

Call your Attorney

If you have been in an accident, its important you call an experienced car accident attorney who will be able to collect important information and get you compensated for the damages you experienced.

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