Good News for Hit and Run Victims

Hit And Run VictimsA hit and run accident in Denton has the potential to cause more than just property damage or even bodily harm. The impact of such an accident often leaves behind grieving family members and close friends who will spend years looking for answers. An article came across a desk here at Todd Durham that showed us that the plight of hit and run victims was being taken seriously. Though the article focuses on efforts taking place in Los Angeles, this is a good example of accident statistics being used to shift local policies.

Big Changes in Los Angeles

In an effort to curb the rising number of hit and run accidents in Los Angeles, the City Council voted to pass AB 184, a measure that would extend the existing statute of limitations for any hit and run accident that resulted in a serious injury or fatality. The City Council also voted in support of a measure that would calculate the penalty for a hit and run driver in the same manner as a drunk driving offense. This is noteworthy because, until now, drunk driving has carried stiffer penalties than hit and run. Law enforcement officers will be changing the way they track these accidents, too.

Taking Hit and Runs Seriously

Enforcing stiffer penalties will help people understand that hit and run accidents are a serious crime. Even when relatively minor property damage is the only result, it can still leave the victim feeling shaken and afraid. The Todd Durham Firm takes hit and runs seriously and we want to help accident victims find justice. If you have been injured in an auto accident, you can reach us at 214-222-4000.

Source: Southern California Public Radio,  “LA City Council Supports Tougher Penalties for Hit-and-Run Drivers” Alice Walton, September 17, 2013