What to Do If You Get In an Accident With an Uninsured Motorist


An accident is tough. You’re dealing with a lot of emotions all flooding forth at once. Your vehicle is most likely damaged. And you just know the insurance company is going to cause trouble. It’s overwhelming. Then, to make matters worse, you learn the other driver does not have insurance of their own. That’s just great. The day just became even more worrisome. What are you to do? First things first, contact an experienced attorney.

Uninsured Driver Coverage

If you’ve been hit by a driver who has no car insurance, and the fault is theirs, you’re covered under uninsured motorist coverage. That is, of course, assuming you have such coverage with your insurance provider. It’s a smart choice to consider.

In such a case, it’s often not worth the time nor money to sue an uninsured driver. If they cannot afford insurance, they cannot afford to pay you out-of-pocket. Instead, you’ll need to make a claim with your own insurance company. Of course, with insurance, there are coverage limits to consider. Depending on the amount and type of damage, you may need to cover some of the expense on your own. The insurance company will help.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you’re involved in an accident, contacting an attorney should be high on your list, after seeking the necessary medical attention. Take care of yourself first, then legal or financial business.

If you cannot sue the other driver for damages, you can at least seek legal counsel when dealing with an insurance company. Often, insurance providers look for ways out of paying for damages. They look for fault where there is none. This is a confusing word filled with legal jargon. Find an attorney who can help sift through the mess.

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