Farmers Branch Third North Texas City to Ban Texting and Driving

Farmers Branch Third North Texas City to Ban Texting and DrivingYou can add Farmers Branch to the list of North Texas cities that have made the dangerous – and potentially deadly – practice of texting and driving illegal. A recent Lewisville Morning News article stated that a ticket for committing the violation is estimated to cost $191. However, the city will provide drivers with a 90-day grace period before actually issuing citations.

Spreading the Word

According to the article, digital message boards throughout the city are informing drivers as well as residents about the rule, and the city is also using e-newsletters and social media to get the word out. The city will not allow drivers to either write texts, view texts, play games or look at photos on a wireless communication device while behind the wheel. The only approved uses for devices will be to dial, talk or end a phone call. A driver can, however, text if his or her vehicle is stopped and can also use a GPS device if it is fastened to the vehicle, the report stated. They can also use their phones’ hands-free and voice-activated modes.

Farmers Branch Sid Fuller was quoted in the article as saying 11 accidents took place where the driver either admitted using a cellphone to text while driving or there was outside evidence that texting while driving had occurred. He did, however, say it is very difficult to prove that an accident was caused in this manner.

Take Action if You Have Been Affected

If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed due to an accident caused by texting and driving, you may have legal recourse to obtain compensation for the suffering that has occurred. A seasoned lawyer can provide you with a consultation and get the details of your accident. If you have the basis for a case, that attorney can work on your behalf to help get you money for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and possibly other damages. Contact The Todd R. Durham Law Firm online or call 214-222-4000 to schedule an appointment.