Factors In Fatal School Bus Accidents

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While a school bus is typically considered a safe method of transportation for children, accidents can and do happen. It’s rare but possible. The property losses and potential casualties caused by a school bus accident, especially a fatal one, are certainly not negligible. The reasons fatalities occur are different in each case. Typically, drivers are well-trained and proactive. They have the children’s best interests in mind.

Common Causes

Like any car accident, there are common causes of school bus accidents. For example, distraction or inexperience often play a significant role. In one case, a school bus driver was texting while driving and took his attention off the road. After crossing into an oncoming traffic lane, he over-corrected and crashed the bus. Again, bus accidents are rare. When they do occur, the accident causes life disruption and unexpected expenses.

The most common causes include:

  • Driver distraction or negligence
  • Densely populated areas with little room to maneuver a bus
  • Vehicle problems and defects
  • Weight distribution
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Lack of passenger protection

Occasionally, another driver may be the reason for a crash. An experienced, intent school bus driver cannot foresee another driver’s negligence.

Personal Injury

A personal injury case, which usually follows an accident, can be lengthy. It’s vital that those involved locate an experienced personal injury attorney who brings comfort and expertise.

A personal injury attorney typically hand-picks a case, depending on experience and knowledge on the situation. This is, of course, a devastating time. Any accident is. It’s important to remain calm and focus on the end results. Work directly with your chosen lawyer to achieve a favorable outcome.

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