Factors That Contribute to Rollover Accidents

Factors That Contribute to Rollover AccidentsThrough the country, vehicle accidents directly cause more than 38,000 deaths and 4.4 million injuries per year. These figures are staggering and one of the most deadly types of single-vehicle accidents are rollover accidents. A rollover occurs when a vehicle physical flips over off its wheels. In some cases, vehicles can roll many times before coming to a stop, subjecting occupants to substantial G-force conditions, blunt trauma, and even ejection. There are several factors that commonly contribute to rollover accidents.

Excessive Speed

One study on rollover accidents found that driver behavior, specifically failing to appropriately control the speed of their vehicle, was this single largest contributing factor. In many cases, the excessive speed was while navigating freeway on- and off-ramps. In some cases, the driver was overly fatigued and not paying careful attention to the speedometer. In all cases, simply reducing speed during cornering could have prevented catastrophic consequences.

Vehicle Design

A rollover more frequently occurs when a vehicle has a high center of gravity. A vehicle sitting lower to the road surface can manage higher speeds during cornering than common vehicles like SUV’s, vans, and trucks. Some drivers fail to consider their vehicle height during turns and suffer rollover accidents.

Road Conditions

Many rollovers occur when a vehicle begins sliding during cornering and eventually strikes a lip in the road surface, sharply halting the wheelbase while the momentum of the rest of the vehicle carries on causing a roll. Sharp turns and slippery road conditions like water, ice, or gravel can contribute to a loss of control. Combined with high curbs or uneven road surfaces, these conditions can be a recipe for disaster.

In any vehicle accident, determining liability is often a painstaking process accounting for factors such as road conditions, vehicle design, and driver responsibility, and considering property damage and personal injury. It is important to get the right guidance rather than leave it to chance.

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