Euless Car Accident Kills Two

Euless Car Accident Kills Two On Saturday afternoon, authorities received a report about a car accident between two vehicles that occurred on southbound Highway 360 and east Harwood road. A Honda Civic and a Nissan collided on the highway; at this point, a cause is unknown. Emergency response found the two people in the Honda Civic dead at the scene, and the driver of the Nissan was transported to the local hospital. There is no word on their condition at this time. The accident is still under investigation, and the police hope to have more details soon. Our thoughts are with the families involved in his horrible car accident.

Wrongful Death & Car Accidents

While we call car crashes “accidents,” there is typically some negligence or recklessness that we can point to as the actual or proximate cause. As drivers, we have a duty to everyone on the road to act reasonably. This means to not speed, make sudden movements, and move across traffic without signaling. When someone acts unreasonably, it can be fatal. The family can then sue the negligent driver for wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Compensation

While no amount of money can ever bring back your loved one, financial support can go a long way in assisting you in paying for medical bills, funeral costs, and lost wages. An experienced wrongful death attorney can assist you in filing your lawsuit, negotiating with insurance companies, and getting the compensation you need to begin the healing process.

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, you have rights. Contact Attorney Todd Durham at (214) 222-4000 today to schedule your free consultation. You don’t have to go through this alone. We can help.

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