Driverless Car’s Death Sparks Interesting Negligence Debate

Driverless Cars Death Sparks Interesting Negligence DebateYou probably have heard of the fatal Tesla crash in Williston, Florida. The car was being driven in autonomous mode and failed to distinguish the white side of a trailer and didn’t engage the breaks. Joshua D. Brown, the man who was killed, raved about the crash avoidance system, but it inevitably failed to prevent his deadly accident. This raises an interesting legal notion regarding negligence and car accidents. Todd Durham is always on top of current events and always one step ahead in anticipating new legal challenges.

A Changing of Negligence

Today, most accidents are caused by negligence or human error. For example, running a red light, speeding, or driving while intoxicated. The injured party sues the driver and must prove that the driver was acting negligently. To prove negligence, you must establish that there was a duty that was breached and it was this breach that caused your damages. As autonomous cars begin to become more and more popular, it will start to shift this legal thinking. If a driver wasn’t in control of the vehicle, would negligence solely come from the vehicle manufacturers? By today’s legal precedent, that is entirely possible.

Have You Been Involved in a Tesla Accident?

If you have been involved in an accident and were injured by a Tesla, it is important that a licensed medical professional immediately diagnoses and treats your injuries. Then, you need to speak to an experienced car accident attorney who understands these new circumstances surrounding autonomous driving cars. You have rights, and you need to assert them with a competent and dedicated attorney on your side.

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