Driver Ejected from Vehicle Dies of Injuries, North Richland Hills

Two Vehicle Accident and Fatality in North Richland Hills, TXOn Saturday, December 10, two vehicles collided in North Richland Hills, reported Star-Telegram. A Jeep Wrangler collided with a GMC Sierra on Davis Boulevard at around 9 p.m., as the driver of the Jeep attempted to turn onto Emerald Hills Way.

The driver of the Jeep was ejected from the vehicle. He succumbed to his injuries.  

Two other men, also injured in the accident, were transported to a local area hospital for treatment. Police reported their injuries were not life-threatening.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Every vehicle accident carries the potential for civil liability. This is especially true in the case of a fatality. If there is evidence that the death was the result of negligence or misconduct, the family of the deceased can initiate a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party. Regardless whether the allegations are true, a lawsuit can cost you big in time and money. If you have been named in a wrongful death lawsuit, it is important to work with an attorney to resolve the case in a timely manner.

Legal Consultation

In the event you are named in a lawsuit, you should seek professional legal counsel immediately. Most defense attorneys provide consultations at little or no cost. A consultation will typically last thirty minutes to one hour. The attorney will meet with you, review the facts of the case, and discuss options and recommendations with you. You are not going to love every attorney you meet so this is the time to decide if this particular attorney is a good fit for you. Assuming you decide it is a good fit, you may choose to retain the services of the attorney and work together toward a resolution to the case.

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