Driver Ejected From Drag Racing Vehicle, Killed On Impact

Car Accident Injuries

It is always unfortunate when we hear of a young individual who has lost their life due to a car accident. During the month of November, the Fort Worth region lay witness to numerous vehicular accidents ending in the death of a member of this society. In Grand Prairie, one such accident took place. A young man, Blake Williams, 23, lost his life while racing at the Yello Belly Drag Strip. In this particular case, no one involved was at fault for the accident, but it really does make one stop and think for a moment.

Williams’ family formed a GoFundMe page in support of the man. It raised over $5,000 in just ten hours. The proceeds will go to helping the family Williams left behind.

The Dangers of Racing

Sure, this particular race was completely legal and in a sanctioned zone, but what about those late night racing sessions you constantly hear about on city streets? Those types of races, known as illegal street races, are certainly dangerous enough to warrant looking into. A single collision can lead to the death of the driver and potentially injuring, maiming, or killing any passerby to slow to leave the area. The fault would lay with the driver of the vehicles, of course.

An Accident Attorney

When a collision occurs and someone is at fault, you need to hire an accident attorney as soon as possible. Not only can Todd Durham Law Firm guide you through the entire process, the court case, and potentially the settlement, but our professional attorneys are invested in you as an individual.

To receive compensation for your accidents without having to start a GoFundMe page, you need legal assistance.

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