Over a Dozen People Injured in Truck and Bus Accident

Bus Accident Attorney Lewisville, TXOn Tuesday, Dec. 20, a bus operated by the Mega Bus company hit an 18-wheeler. The 18-wheeler had slowed down for construction. Due to the collision, the 18-wheeler then hit an Americano Lines bus. Both buses were headed to Dallas. No fatalities occurred, but there were multiple minor injuries. The injured victims were given immediate medical attention.

How to Deal with a Bus Accident

People typically take public transportation because it’s eco-friendly, cost effective, and relatively safe. That does not mean that all mass transit vehicles are accident-proof. If you or a loved one has been in a bus accident, take precautionary measures the next time you ride a mass transit vehicle for safer travels.

  • Keep an eye on the road – Just because you’re relying on someone else to take you from point A to point B doesn’t mean that you can’t watch the road too. Watching the road allows you to alert the driver just in case something happens.
  • Practice good behavior – Imagine driving a vehicle with 12+ unknown passengers. This is what bus drivers do every day. The louder the bus and its passengers are, the harder it is for the driver to concentrate.
  • Educate yourself – Most buses and public transportation systems have information or statistics online about prior accidents. If you know that a certain bus or a certain time is more prone to accidents than others, you may need to find another means of transportation.

Dealing with the Damages

Not all accident damages will be life-altering; some only require a quick trip to the doctor. However, both minor and major injuries can be utilized in a settlement or injury claim. Potential compensation for bus accident injuries include…

  • Medical expenses and funeral expenses
  • Cost of physical therapy or mental therapy
  • Wage loss
  • Pain and suffering

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